Erik Maniscalco is a visual artist living and working in the New York Hudson Valley. With a focus on figurative oil painting, his work delves into the psychology and emotional landscape connecting all of us. Many of his portraits aim to create a sense of stillness, and compel viewers to engage in an exploration of their own self. Maniscalco’s realistic renderings reflect his passion for the craft of painting, as well as the influence and inspiration he has always found in classical techniques and traditions. 

Selection of Exhibitions
2017 - Solo Showdown - Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX
2016 - Paintings of Humans - Seigel Lofts, Brooklyn, NY
2016 - Masks of Courage - Gallery House, Brooklyn, NY
2015 - Signs of Self - Seigel Lofts, Brooklyn, NY
2013 - American Dreams - 14 Warren St, London, ENG
2013 - Beauty Marked - The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 - False Memory - Arris Lofts, Queens, NY
2010 - Earth - Gallery House, Brooklyn, NY
2009 - Reclaiming Space - Gallery House, Brooklyn, NY
2005 - Portraits - Ikic Studios, Maui, HI
2003 - RSVP - Society of Illustrators, NY, NY